3HZ-HMP80W Solar Power System

2014/9/28 viewers
  • Brand3HZ-SOALR
  • Type3HZ-HMP80
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     Our new solar power system integrates stereo receiver, MP3 Player with audio speaker. Of course, its basic function is to generate electricity. The solar power system possesses LCD, volume controller, switch, LED indicator light and high-quality audio speaker, etc. It is humanized, energy saving and environmentally friendly. Also, the solar power system is easy to use. 
        3HZ-HMP80W Solar Power System is specially designed for houses in rural area where grid electricity is unavailable. The system has advantages of automatic self-control and self-protect, best configuration, stable quality, noise-free, easy to install, easy to use, and long-lifetime. 
         Intelligent Charging Control - The  system automates battery charging process in different modes, enhance charge, direct charge or float charge to extend battery lifetime.
          Smart Power Supply - The inverter system automates voltage stabilizer, energy-saving compensation, and inverter functions. Multiple DC output options 5V and 12V. 5V DC power is suitable for cellphone charging, and 12V DC power can be used for small electrical appliances. One Direct 220V AC output which is suitable for lighting, television, electric fans and other household appliances.
          Energy Saver - When the inverter system detects no AC output for 5 mins, it will shutdown DC - AC inverter feature to minimize internal power consumption.
         Smart Soft-Start control - The inverter system is designed to accept high-resistance shock loads to ensure normal startup and power output capability.
parameters :
Operating temperature :-20~+70 
Radio: FM 87.5-108MHz 
Sound function: TF, MICRO SD, PLAY MP3 
LIN-IN: MP3/ computer/CD/ mobile phone 
Case Shell optional: Aluminum allay, organic material 
Peak power:456W 
Solar panel: 80W 
Battery: 12V/38AH 
Inverter: 220V/300W
Controller: 12V/5A 
MINI Audio Radio with MP3 
Output port: USB: 5V DC: 12V 
Charging time Solar panel 4hours can be full charge. 


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